Free Vote Voluntary Recall

This is a promise to the voters of the Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Parliamentary constituency. I, Martin Brampton, the Green Party candidate standing for election as your Member of Parliament, do hereby promise and affirm, that if I am elected to be your Member of the Westminster Parliament in the General Election on 7th […]

Austerity is a fraud

If you’re spending more than you’re earning, the debts will mount up. The obvious thing to do is to spend less, right? Of course that makes sense for one person, or one family. But it doesn’t make sense for a government – for at least a couple of reasons. One person’s spending is another person’s […]

Doing a Good Job – Doctors

It wasn’t new, but Margaret Thatcher gave it a huge boost.  What is it?  The idea that “Every man for himself and the Devil take the hindmost” is the only way things can be. The idea has been growing, and it’s done an awful lot of damage. An implication is that people won’t do what […]

Pledge to Constituency

As Green Party candidate for the Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland constituency, I make the following pledge. If elected as MP I will: Work full time in the best interests of the constituency and relinquish any other paid work If I should receive any fees in addition to normal MP’s remuneration, I will donate them […]

Teesside Metro – a New Start

It’s not just London that needs infrastructure investment. Teesside is overdue for big new developments. I’m advocating a Teesside Metro as a major contribution to a better future. Better for people on Teesside, but also better for the whole country. People fuss about the deficit, but they’re missing the point. Britain has a huge gap […]

Capitalism the cure for cancer?

Boris Johnson told Telegraph readers yesterday that we need capital to cure cancer. And implied that to get the benefit, we have to accept tax avoidance, inflated executive remuneration and such like. After all, he says, American drug companies are so much more dynamic, and we should emulate them. Of course there’s another way to […]