Free Vote Voluntary Recall

This is a promise to the voters of the Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Parliamentary constituency.

I, Martin Brampton, the Green Party candidate standing for election as your Member of Parliament, do hereby promise and affirm, that if I am elected to be your Member of the Westminster Parliament in the General Election on 7th May 2015. I will adopt and act in accordance with the terms of the Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance Pledge as published today at and I will maintain this, my personal pledge throughout my term as your Member of Parliament.

The Green Party supports a recall bill that will allow residents to call a by-election.

The Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said the current legislation was a “sham” which would not enable the public to hold MPs to account.

This is from our policy documents. PA254 Government at all levels should be accountable to electors between elections. Accordingly, necessary legislative steps will be taken to provide for any representative’s electors to be able to petition for the recall of any elected person. Specifically, a petition signed by 40% of the registered electors within an MP’s constituency will trigger a recall by-election. Until this legislation is passed, Green MPs will voluntarily resign and trigger a by-election, if they are presented with a valid recall petition signed by 40% of the registered electors within their constituency. In the event of the elected representative having been elected by the Additional Member System, the recalled representative would be replaced by the next person on their party list not to have been elected.

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