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Martin Brampton

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Born in Lancashire, Martin was brought up in Hartlepool. His father was a Congregational minister, and his mother a maths teacher. Martin went to Elwick Road Junior School and West Hartlepool Grammar School. He and his wife have now lived in North Yorkshire for nearly 40 years.

Martin’s working life has been with computers, starting in the Research Department of ICI Billingham. In his early years, he worked in software development, creating both financial and technical systems. Later, he spent a decade as Head of IT in a City of London accountancy firm. That was followed by several years as a director of industry analyst Bloor Research and a short spell in charge of ICT services at the London Borough of Ealing. Latterly, Martin chose to return to software development and was a principal software engineer with a database company for four years.

Politically, Martin has always sought a fairer distribution of power and wealth. As a teenager in Hartlepool, he campaigned for the Labour Party in the 1964 election. Since then he has been active in politics and peace campaigns whenever work and family pressures allowed. The Iraq War finally ended his association with Labour. Emerging new patterns in British politics and concerns over impending environmental disasters led him to the Green Party. He is now a party activist and candidate.

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