Pledge to Constituency

As Green Party candidate for the Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland constituency, I make the following pledge. If elected as MP I will:

  • Work full time in the best interests of the constituency and relinquish any other paid work
  • If I should receive any fees in addition to normal MP’s remuneration, I will donate them to a charity that cannot benefit me personally, and publicly account for them
  • After retiring as an MP, any income of any kind that I might receive in connection with my experience or contacts as an MP will be donated to charity as above.

I challenge all other Teesside parliamentary candidates of whatever party to make the same pledge.

2 thoughts on “Pledge to Constituency

  1. For a number of years you have been a sage head advising me on running my website I am writing to express my disappointment that you will not be as available to me as you have been but also my delight in seeing such a worthy man putting himself up for election. I will be voting Green in this election!

  2. I write here as an apology, from me personally and from several others I know. With the FPTP system, we were torn between the vote we want, and the vote we need. As much as I would love to have you as my MP, I feel I must vote Labour to ensure this seat does not contribute to a further conservative government.

    You are a worthy MP and a worthy party but our system does not favour you. I hope one day to live in a country with an electoral system that allows me to vote with my conscience and policy and not in response to the system.

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