Election 2017 – Young People and the Green Party

I’m so pleased that the Green Party is launching its general election campaign with a call to bridge the divide between young people and older generations. I worry about the prospects for my young teens grandchildren. It’s hard to think of a time when it’s been more difficult to be a young person in Britain, and this government’s making it so much worse.

The Tory government is pursuing an extreme Brexit that young people didn’t want, it’s dismantling public services that benefitted previous generations, and it’s taking away opportunities, security and prosperity. Sadly, the only thing that young people can really count on is debt, which is simply unforgivable.

That’s why the Green Party will scrap tuition fees. In a civilised society, we all have a right to a good education, and educating our citizens benefits the whole of society.

This election is also about the future of Britain, so it’s crucial that young people have a say. That’s why the Green Party is proud to say that we need votes at 16 for every election.

Born just after the Second World War, I enjoyed the benefits of free education, properly funded healthcare, and an affordable housing market. They should all be the birthright of young people growing into adulthood in Britain today, yet this general election threatens those rights.

Much is wrong, but the Green Party offers a message of hope and optimism. We are fighting for a better future for all. We face environmental threats with a positive vision of how things could be better. We believe that all being “in it together” should be a reality, not just a tired slogan.

These things could happen if we commit to them. If you agree with me, then please support the Green Party in any way you can. If you’re under 30, we’d love to have you in a Young Greens group in Thirsk and Malton. Message me through the contact page if you’d like to know more about the Green Party and its election campaign.

2 thoughts on “Election 2017 – Young People and the Green Party

  1. I hear you intentionally mislead people on Twitter in areas you already admitted you are not knowledgeable in.

    I also hear from an ex-Green Party member who spoke at Glastonbury Town Hall that the party is not all full of Marxists operating under the guidelines of the World Economic Forum?

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